Anne Baarslag (1997) is an Amsterdam based stylist. Within the current fast moving fashion and beauty landscape, Anne Baarslag's genuine interest lies in producing relevant styling and visual dress work.

Anne creates concepts for shoots that deviate from the contemporary fashion industry's disposable norms. In his eyes this is a crucial and honest approach which helps to raise public awareness of some of the negative sides of this fast paced and sometimes disposable industry.

Having grown up in a conservative environment, Anne Baarslag took a leap in 2018 and moved to Amsterdam. Upon arrival, he was introduced to new ways of thinking, a variety of creative expressions, and immediately embraced the city's various sub cultures. These sub cultures' modes of self-expression are an important inspiration for Anne, and they continue to inform his singular vision as a stylist. 

With his noteworthy feeling for shapes, composition, colour schemes and silhouettes he strives to inspire today’s scene and to help shape the fashion and beauty industry of tomorrow. 

Through a balance of commercial, editorial and personal projects, Anne has fashioned himself into a position where he is constantly developing himself and his work. A crucial part of his work is to give a diverse range of beauty types a spotlight through fashion publications, brands and individual projects.


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